We really appreciate your interest in Wallumination. We do need a little help getting the word out.

We think we have got a really awesome product.  

For Media Inquiries:

Contact Person: Sperry Bilyea, 416.574.7811, sperry@wallumination.com

What We Do:

We turn your digital photography, art, logo or high resolution image into an eye-popping custom fabric lightbox. 

What makes them different?

We are Canadian made. We use entirely green manufacturing processes.   Our aluminum SEG frames, proprietary backlit fabrics and LED lights are commercial grade.  The LED lights have a lifespan of 60,000 hours.  We make custom sizes and any shape.  You can easily interchange the fabrics once you have the frame. 

The Perfect Gift:

This makes Wallumination the perfect wedding, new home, grandparent, retirement, photographers present.  It has awesome gift longevity because you can easily interchange the fabric.

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Sperry Bilyea Bio, Founder

My Experience

I have been a serial entrepreneur influenced greatly by my family who are also serial entrepreneurs.  My corporate background has been in the marketing, sales, customer service and business development in the medical and workplace wellness industry.  I prefer to be involved with multiple projects with good partners that allow me flexibility with my time and to be there for my family. I have my own consulting company called Thrive by Design where I focus on helping fast-growth companies who need an extra hand.  I love taking photos, I loved the fabric lightboxes and therefore started Wallumination so I could enjoy my photos in my home.  I am the co-founder of Shift Your Thinking a non-profit which helps families with kids that have learning differences, ADHD and anxiety.

My Loves

Being a mom, hanging with family and friends, good books, beaches, health, hiking, forests, skiing, travel adventures, learning something new, nice paper, tennis, belly laughs, drop-ins, meeting new people, podcasts, cold glass of wine and any cheese, people who avoid the ‘b’ word, fresh bread, smoothies, and building a business that fuels my life. I love to share information into digestible bits of knowledge and connect people that can benefit everyone. 

My Why

I want to help people thrive at all stages of their aging.  We only have one chance to have an awesome life.

My Philosophy

As children, my parents always encouraged us to find something we loved to do, where there was no separation between work and play.  My word for 2019 is tenacity.

My Wants

I want to live an extraordinary life every day – where:

My Odds and Ends


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