Our Story

Our mission is No More Bored Walls.

We believe every room be it commercial or residential should express emotion including the walls and that’s where we come in.  

We work with interior designers and architectural firms to bring the walls in their projects to life. Our unique backlit frames and fabric combined with the creativity, imagination, and conceptual thinking of designers and architects is the perfect recipe to create beautiful room environments.

In any relationship it takes two. We work very hard to be design friendly with lighting engineers, structural engineers, print color experts, and fabricators to support the entire concept. With this relationship in mind we have built our product and business around four key principles:


Our custom designs are beautifully crafted and built with extraordinary attention to detail including full UL certification


All of our product components which include our LED lighting, our proprietary fabric, our printing, our water-based dyes, our recycling fabrics program and our aluminum frames made from recycled aluminum are made to be earth friendly.


Our frames can be designed and created in almost any image, size, or shape.  We wanted you or your client to pick their favorite photo or artist and bring their creation to life.  In addition, one of the coolest features is that you can interchange the fabric image.  The silicone edge acts like a Ziploc to the frame making the graphics easy to change creating far less waste then an entirely new print and frame and providing usability over time.

Brings Joy

Yes, we are Marie Kondo fans. Do not underestimate the joy it brings when you walk into your room and see a beautiful piece of art or special photo lit up in your special space.

Wallumination - North American made and available globally.

PS. We are DIYers so we do have the ability for everyone to simply create their owns backlit art.

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