Our Lightboxes

Designed to create many display options

  • Same size lightboxes (lille and midten) can be connected with one power source to create any arrangement on your wall
  • Lightboxes can be mounted on a wall or sit free stand on a table or shelf in either the landscape or portrait position
  • The lightboxes come in three standard popular sizes and we can also create a custom size order upon request

Easily create different looks with fabric photos that can be changed effortlessly 

Great reasons to change your lightbox pictures:

  • Growing families
  • Celebrations, holidays, and seasons
  • Home decor updates
  • Just for fun! 

Commitment to product excellence

  • Manufactured in North America with commercial grade materials and meticulous attention to detail
  • Patented fabrics and printing turn your photos into works of art with exquisite detail
  • Modern frames are built to be both beautiful, strong and lightweight using extruded aluminum
  • Electrical components are all UL certified


  • All inks are VOC free and the LED lights are extremely energy efficient

Made to last

  • LED life expectancy is over 60,000 hours...that means your lightbox will last over 20 years if it is on 8 hours per day
  • Fabrics are durable and can be easily cleaned

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