Top Reasons Why Lightboxes Make Great Gifts!

Top Reasons Why Lightboxes Make Great Gifts!
Wallumination Lightboxes are a wonderful gift if you are looking for something that is personal and can also grow and change with the person as their life unfolds.  A new business, new home, new child, new mate, favorite hobby...so many possibilities. Whatever the reason, Lightboxes are cool, modern, unique and beautiful.
Here are the top reasons why Wallumination Lightboxes make awesome gifts:
  1. Gift that will grow with them over time.  From wedding gift, to baby shower, to graduation, to photo taking teen, the easy to change fabric photo allows them to change the photo when they outgrow the image or want to change it. Of course they always have the option to change it back whenever they like.
  2. Personal.  Giving a Lightbox takes some level of thought and planning to make it personal but the recipient will appreciate this and love you for it!   (You can also buy the Lightbox and have the gift recipient pick out the picture, just email us and we can easily arrange it.)
  3. Memorable for you and them  Every time the recipient admires their Lightbox they will not only be reminded of the memory the picture represents but also the person who gave it to them. 
  4. Any high resolution photo - you can use photos taken from a phone or digital camera.  The Lightboxes really do bring the image to life.  You can even combine photos to create collages or family mantras.

    Product Description: The fabric lightbox is made with a light aluminum modern frame, LED lights are attached to the frame (60K hours lifespan), your picture that we print on a special proprietary fabric. The fabric picture has a silicone edge to it that allows it to be added or removed from the aluminum frame.

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