What makes the perfect picture for a lightbox?

What makes the perfect picture for a lightbox?

We are back from our adventures!  We know you will understand - we needed to have a small break from social media and world demands so we took the family on an RV trip to the Rockies.  No cell phones or internet.  One of my favorite pics from the trip is attached. 

We took a lot of pictures of rocks, water and sky.  The kids all want to have a lightbox in their room and we were talking about what makes a perfect pic!  So here is our list so far....

1. First and Foremost - a picture that brings you (or the person you are giving it to) tremendous joy.  If the photo reminds you of a happy time or fantastic memory, this makes for a number one choice.  Does it mean it has to be a "perfect picture"...no it just has to take you back to that time, memory, or feeling.

2. Professional - you may have a professional digital photo of your favorite place, art, or family portrait. We can print that image on fabric and make it into a lightbox.

3. Black and White - B and W photos are one of the hardest photos to print on fabric but done right - they can be stunning.  Our special dye process, our fabric and our expertise make it possible.

4. Change - the beauty of the lightbox is that you can easily change the image depending on the season, holiday, or family.  If you want to update the picture -   you can simply pick out another favorite image.

Please share....ps. these make great gifts for someone who has everything.


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