Why backlighting your photos makes such a difference?

Why backlighting your photos makes such a difference?

So why would you want to backlight your photos?

Many traditional prints or canvases will have a light shining on top of the print to highlight the art.  Ambiant Lighting is so key in home design. There are pages and pages of home lighting design for mood and style. 

With our fabric photo lightboxes special LED lighting placed behind the fabric guarantees the following:

  • The backlight brings out tremendous detail in the picture.
  • The backlight also highlights the shading and color in the photo creating very vibrant and life-like colors. 
  • The fabric is especially made to have the ideal amount of sheen and transparency to bring the picture to life.
  • The backlight truly transforms your photos into art which makes it a perfect piece to complete a focal point in your home on the wall or table regardless of size.
  •  Many of the websites show prints and images that look like they are lit up but they do not look like that in real life they have a flatter, duller look.  Our lightboxes look like the actual photos on the websites when they are hanging on your wall because of the LED backlighting.  Think reading a book via ipad vs a kindle.

 Take care Sperry


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