Sending Your Favorite Photos

Sending Your Favorite Photos

Hi there,

We have been in business a couple of months now.  We have been learning a ton.  Here are a couple of things that may help you pick the right photo:

Resolution: One thing we have decided to loosen a little on is the photo resolution.  We have found even the lower resolution photos can be quite beautiful on the fabrics.  They almost look like an impressionists painting.  We have an amazing graphics team supporting us.  We will make sure you are happy with the photo.

Bleed (official term): We also wanted to remind you that we do need an edge around the entire photo.  When we print the fabric we finish it by sewing a silicone edge that fits into the frame.  Your photo will have pink line to show where you where the image will show in teh lightbox.  This photo of my parent's dog is a low res image and it the pink line marks what you will see.  You can see Emma's ears look like a painting almost.

Choice: The beauty of the fabric lightbox is that you can easily interchange the photos. You can do not have to choose one.  You can purchase the fabrics separately and change them around.

Take care Sperry

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