Seeing is Believing - Calling on all Early Adopters

Seeing is Believing - Calling on all Early Adopters

One of our biggest challenges with an online business is for folks to see the craftsmanship and extraordinary images that our fabric lightboxes can provide today.  Being in boot strap mode we have been learning about the best way to take pictures of these lightboxes when they are completed.  We are still learning.

So - we decided over the past holiday season we would try a few gift shows.  We have learned a few things attending some of these shows:

Pricing Confidence - many of us have a hard time charging what we are worth.  We have a very fair margin on our lightboxes and fabrics.  Making these lightboxes, fabric, frames and lights in Canada is important to us but it does come at a cost that we think the market will support.  They are 100% green as well.  This is something we are proud of...so when I stand out at my table and say the price I have learned to own it.  Not apologize or discount.

Calling all Early Adopters - Even having a table with signage about bring your own photo-- it is still a product we may need to explain how it works.  This is the reality of having a new differnt product.

Takes Time - This lightbox appears to be a product folks love but they do need time to think about it.  What picture, where to put it, how to hang it etc.  This is just part of the buying cycle which every product has one.

Advertising not sales - I have done a lot of tradeshows in my past careers and regardless of the product or sales the purpose of the show is to spread product awareness.  You never know where a potential sale can come from but you have planted the seed getting out in the neighborhood.

Have a great weekend!

Take care Sperry


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