Getting Help is key when you are starting your own business!

Getting Help is key when you are starting your own business!

I recognize that my online storefront which has just opened is like being at a street corner that nobody even knows exists.  One of the first decisions we needed to make was what was the best social media medium for our new company and brand.  Our product being very visual - instagram and pinterest are no brainers.  I have always loved Pinterest.  I use it personally because it works the way my brain categorizes content into a organized visual corkboard. However, business wise I was unsure the best way to go about it.  We knew we needed to get help.   As tight as our startup budget is -- it was worth investing in a good social media foundation and someone that was willing to teach us.  This would save time and increase effectiveness.

I saw Paula Coop McCrory speak about Pinterest over 5 years ago at a conference and tucked her name in a need for later file. Last wee, I sat with the amazing Pinterest expert Paula Coop McCrory for a couple of hours.  Her generosity, openness and support is extraordinary.  I know I saved countless hours and money with her wise tips.  Now, I feel empowered to use this tool for business.  

My new understanding is that Pinterest is a "slow burn" and takes a longer time but is great because the followers can go back and find you.  This is important for our customer base because the lightboxes make cool future gifts and/or you need time to think about the photo you want to upload.   I am now a little obsessed.  Check out our new look and boards on pinterest and please consider following us!

To see Paula's work: www.paulaacm.com



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