Photographer Spotlight - Braden Bygrave

Photographer Spotlight - Braden Bygrave


We are so excited to have the upcoming talented Braden Bygrave spotlighted as one of our photographers at the Cottage Life Show on March 22-25th at the International Center.  

Here is a little more information about Braden and his art.  Please consider checking out his other works at www.bradenbygrave.com

He is 23 years old and living in Kitchener, Ontario. He has been taking pictures since 2010. His photography interest first started with some friends that he used to BMX with in his free time. They always took photos of him and he thought it was the coolest thing ever. A little bit of time went by and he couldn't help it, he saved up money from his part-time job at McDonald's and purchased his first camera.

He feels photography isn't just a job. Photography is something that gets him by in life and makes him happy. Photography makes him feel like he can accomplish something.   It gets his creative mind thinking and so great he can live out his passion.

As long as he is taking pictures he is happy. It could be anything from photographing wildlife, sports or even musicians. He is up for anything.  

His style of photos are always well exposed with lots of contrast. He loves when his photos pop; almost like it would be 3D. 

Just you wait to see them in a lightbox!  We cannot wait to see what happens to his photos in the years to come.

Please consider hiring him or following him on his social media look for:

Facebook @bradenbygravephotography 
Instagram: @bradenbygrave 



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