Do you need a cool gift for your grad? Here are some fun photo ideas!

Do you need a cool gift for your grad? Here are some fun photo ideas!


I have a 14 year old who loves taking photos of everything food, walking down the street, her dog, trees and sunsets....and so do her friends.  Many of these kids see the world through their phones and emojis and images have become a way to communicate emotions, excitement, and memories. 

If you have a grad, our lightboxes are the perfect gift for your photo happy teen. Here are a few simple photo ideas for your lightbox:

  1. Create a Collage. There are some cool apps that create a collage pic from your instagram feed.  Here is a great link of collage apps to check out.  Just be sure the pics in the collage are high resolution and the collage can be exported as a jpg.
  2. Favorite Quote or Mantra. Does your grad have a favorite quote or family mantra?  Create an image or quote in a cool (and free) tool like Canva and send it to us.
  3. Favorite Hobby.  Do they have a certain band or singer they love?  A great pic from a past concert with their friends?  Light up the memory.
  4. Favorite Sport.  Do they have a favorite team, sport, or player?  Get a high res digital photo and showcase their talents and interests.
  5. Friends.  Time with friends is always a great time. Having a great photo of them enjoying time with their friends will mean the world to them.  
  6. Pets.  When a new grad moves away from home for the first time - they miss family including their pets.  A picture of their pet in a lightbox is the next best thing to taking the pet with them.
  7. Happy Place.  This could be in the backyard, at the cottage, or favorite coffee shop.  Get a cool pic of the spot in a lightbox so they always have their happy place with them.

A couple of key benefits:

  • Gift that will grow with them. They like updating their profiles and images constantly. The easy to change fabric photos allow you to easily change the photo when your teen or grad outgrows, or wants to change it.  They do of course have the option to change it back whenever they want.
  • Hanging Options. The lightbox can be hung in portrait or landscape, or sit free stand on a shelf which is handy for their bedroom or new dorm room.
  • Personal and Custom - our lightboxes are one of a kind.  The images are stunning and create a another beautiful light source for the room.

Happy Graduation!


Wallumination Team


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