Artist Spotlight - Justine Fernie

Artist Spotlight - Justine Fernie

We are so excited to have the creative amazingly talented Justine Fernie as one of our showcase artists at the Cottage Life Show on March 22-26th at the International Show. 

Her work is inspiring, vibrant and showstopping.  She seeks to emote using wild, revelatory colour. She works from photographs on figurative and architectural commissions, creating non-traditional portraits which are unique to her own personal vision. She uses color to show emotion, character, depth, ebb and flow, happiness, sadness and general expressivity of her subject matter. She has taken this philosophy and reduced subject matter down to her own sort of pure abstraction, hence a "new" direction in her abstract pieces.

Please consider checking out her work at www.justinefernie.com

facebook: @justine.fernie

instagram: @justinefernie_paintings 

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