100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


It may take a while to figure out what photo you want to put in your lightbox.  However there are 3 things that we do to ensure we have you covered:

Number 1. 100% Guarantee - This is so important in today's market but if you do not like the lightbox or the photo is not what you thought it would look like.  We will accept returns a 100%. 

Number 2. We do take a few steps to minimize the risk.  We will send you a proof of the photo so you can see how the graphics team positioned the photo for the lightbox.

Number 3.  This one makes us different.  Once you have the frame system, you want to change the photo, you move, you want to re-gift you can get another fabric photo, art, saying and you have a fresh new look.

Take care Sperry

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